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Deepest, highest, fastest: take on Britain’s superlative sights

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There’s nothing like heading home with a sense of achievement. Climb Britain’s highest mountain, ride its fastest zipline, sail across its deepest loch or stand inside its oldest buildings and you can return home feeling like you’ve starred in an action movie. These are some of Britain’s most record-breaking sites:

Highest mountain – Ben Nevis

At 1344 metres high, Ben Nevis is Britain’s highest mountain. Most walkers climb it using the reliable Mountain Track that leads up from Glen Nevis on its southern side, while there’s much more rugged terrain on the north side for climbers and mountaineers (700ft high cliffs anyone?)

Ben Nevis

The name, ‘Ben Nevis,’ come from the Gaelic, ‘Beinn Nibheis,’ which means ‘malicious mountain’! While we don’t think it harbours a grudge, remember that this is no stroll. The weather can change quickly here, so come prepared.

Deepest lake – Loch Morar

The deepest lake, or loch as they’re called in Scotland, is Loch Morar in the Highlands. At an abysmal 310 metres deep, you could drop the Shard in and watch its full height vanish beneath the water, while St. Paul’s Cathedral would sit on the bottom with a full 199 metres between its dome and the surface.

Loch Morar

Hire a boat and explore, go fishing, or explore the magnificent landscape that surrounds it.

Oldest building – Knap of Howar

The oldest building in Britain is the suitably Game of Thrones-esque-sounding Knap of Howar (not Hodor), which dates from about 3700BC. Located on Papa Westray in Orkney, it’s a Neolithic farmstead that’s withstood the test of time, and looks out over the North Sea. On the nearby Orkney Mainland, you’ll also find Skara Brae, Europe’s most complete Neolithic village.

Skara Brae from flickr

Skara Brae – photo by Shadowgate on Flickr


Longest and fastest zipline – Zipworld

You’ve travelled to Wales and you’re high among the mountains of Snowdonia, surveying the horizon and the valleys far below.  Where better to hurtle at speeds of up to 100mph, 500ft above Snowdon’s mountain lake and over some of Britain’s most epic scenery? You can do just that at Zipworld, the fastest zipline in Europe.




Don’t worry – they don’t expect you to hold on for dear life with your bare hands. You’ll be strapped in to a sleeping-bag like harness before flying head-first through the sky like a human cannonball. It all adds to the thrill, if you ask me.




Tallest building – The Shard

Standing at a huge 306 metres, the Shard is the tallest building in Western Europe. It rises out of London like an extremely steep glass pyramid, and a ride to the top in its extremely fast lifts will afford you an incomparable view out over the city.

Britain's tallest building

You can actually look down on London’s other huge buildings, from the Gherkin to the Walkie-Talkie, and get a very peaceful sense of detachment from London’s bustle.

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