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Britain turns yellow and gold

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From North to South, East to West, Britain on a glorious Summer’s day is an absolute joy! Whether travelling the countryside on foot, by car, bus or train a wonderful view is never far away. I showcased a little of the variety in rich colours you can see in the Rainbow Britain post previously. I thought it would be nice to concentrate here on one of the colours. A colour that is very much in season and abound everywhere. The colour of happiness – yellow.

Ancient church on the Llynn Peninsular, near Pistyll by Jeremy Atkinson

It is hard to escape it and it is wonderful to see. Swathes of yellow fields of rapeseed and buttercups. Wheatfields growing and the busyness of farmers and insects of all colours at work. Britain is far from just a green and pleasant land, it is a bounty of colourful joy, and all quietly and naturally helps to make landmarks and historical settings more magical for the visitor.

Field of Rapeseed near Fulstow, Lincolnshire by Peter Cooper


Old dovecot sinking in a field of corn near Cupar, Fife by Brian M Forbes


Stonehenge enhanced by nature’s yellow by dahorsburgh


Wheat field, East Garston, West Berkshire by F Mira


Dunstanburgh, Northumberland by Stephane Goldstein


Yellow tinted view near Jedburgh, Scotland by Paul Steele

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