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Sunrise from a Welsh castle

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Combine a sunrise with autumn mist, a Welsh Castle and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AOONB) and the results are best illustrated with photographs. My mere words could not possibly do the scenes created justice.  Even photos struggle to adequately capture one of autumn’s special treats. This short photo essay is of a recent sunrise above in the Vale of Llangollen. It gives a flavour of what awaits anyone climbing up to Dinas Bran Castle as the sun rises following a chilly autumn night.

Climbing Dinas Bran

Almost at the castle
Dinas Bran
 sits atop a conical hill above the town of Llangollen in North Wales. The present castle is believed to have been built for Gruffydd II ap Madog, lord of Fadog Powys around 1260, though it only survived intact for about two decades. It is now a ruin with a surplus of  enchanting views and legends.

A river of mist flows down the valley

View up the valley


View of castle from across moat

Dinas Bran can be reached by footpath from the town of Llangollen. There is also a footpath from the East side starting near the Panorama Drive. At about 300m (1000 feet) elevation, it is not too difficult a walk to the top, but is guaranteed to get your pulse racing if you are unfit, or happen to make the ascent on a morning like the one in this post.

One more view and it’s time to descend as the mist is starting to clear.
Vale of Llangollen

John Williams can often be found undertaking sustainable travel or snowboarding; usually while toting a compact camera. You can follow him at @Eurapart and find out more at about.me/JohnWilliamsSee more articles by John on the VisitBritain Super Blog. (All of the images in this article were taken by John Williams using the compact camera mentioned earlier.)

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