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British Culture, Sport and Adventure

Follow the torch: blazing a trail from Land’s End to… Bristol

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The London 2012 Olympic Flame is travelling for 70 days. It will pass within an hour of 95 per cent of people in the UK. Each day the flame travels with sponsors, security, assorted media, coaches, trucks and, of course, the individuals who have the honour of carrying it. It will also be transported by boat, balloon, helicopter and steam train. In all, 8,000 torchbearers will have their moment.

And for four days from Land’s End to Bristol we had ours.

Well, quite a few moments actually. Although this was one small step for the flame, chasing it for four days over three counties proved quite a giant leap for us. We wanted a taste of the crazy brilliance of this once in a lifetime event. But we also wanted to experience first-hand some of the destinations, wonderful sights and landscapes that will bathe briefly in the glow of the Olympic flame as it moves relentlessly towards the Olympic stadium.

We’ll be on the road again soon to follow the torch, but in the meantime, here’s a round-up of our trip as we experienced it…

Follow the torch

London 2012 Flame Journey with Samsung

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Touched down in Cornwall! Join us over the next few days, we’ll be bringing you destination highlights from the Torch Relay! #FollowtheTorchVisitBritain
Breaking news from the VB Torch team! We made it to Land’s End! The convoy is getting ready… #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/CU0UcdhaVisitBritain
The Torch has landed! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/eWGdL2PfVisitBritain
The sun is shining, the sea is blue and the London 2012 Olympic Torch is on its way. A great moment! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/n2H3WkGmVisitBritain
Thanks to our friends at Samsung for the photo of their lovely truck! #FollowtheTorch http://pic.twitter.com/tIJhVYLzVisitBritain
We’ve managed to overtake the torch! Awaiting its arrival at the spectacular St Michael’s Mount. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/GH3hIp0EVisitBritain
Did you know the island of St Michael’s Mount is only accessible on foot at low tide? It’s that or get a boat!VisitBritain
The Torch hits the beach! We’re tempted to stay and sunbathe but there’s much more to explore. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/o3AOBjYHVisitBritain
We’re off to St Ives. The Torch is going east to Falmouth and we’ll rejoin later. Now where can I get a good Cornish pasty? #followthetorchVisitBritain
No, we haven’t been teleported to the Caribbean. It’s the beach at St Ives! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/UmuW6RxEVisitBritain
Chilling at the Barbara Hepworth museum. Wonderful sculpture in soothing gardens. #followthetorch http://bit.ly/JZKsVZ http://pic.twitter.com/Ts7Ng4x2VisitBritain
We’re hot on the heels of the Torch, making our way to Truro to check out the cathedral! #FollowtheTorchVisitBritain
We managed to catch up with the Torch caravan down in Truro. Lots of people here to cheer it on! #FollowtheTorch http://pic.twitter.com/GxCoj3nEVisitBritain
And here’s a quick pic of Truro Cathedral, the 1st Anglican cathedral built in England since St Paul’s. #FollowtheTorch http://pic.twitter.com/umrge8lJVisitBritain
A quick lunch stop in Padstow, the fishing village famous for chef Rick Stein and his fish and chips! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/e67e6zB7VisitBritain
The Eden Project. Genuinely awesome. We’re lying in wait for the torch. It should be here any minute. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/Tn3PKwVEVisitBritain
Lighting the flame from the lantern. British tv personality Ben Fogle was at the ready! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/9EWM0jZaVisitBritain
And he’s off! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/7lET7hO0VisitBritain
A crazy, beautiful day in Cornwall chasing the torch. It’s our bedtime but we’ll be back tomorrow to #followthetorch through Devon.VisitBritain
Morning from the VB torch team in Devon. Today we’ll be exploring this beautiful county as the torch continues its journey. #followthetorchVisitBritain
We’re literally part of the convoy now! Heading to Kingsbridge… #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/d8LLNzDAVisitBritain
The torch is heading east inland so we’re taking our chance to see some of the coast. On route to Salcombe and the seaside! #followthetorchVisitBritain
The West Country is known for its cider. Sadly it’s a bit early for us to start on the ‘scrumpy’. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/Cg6p86RSVisitBritain
Bobbing boats on Salcombe habour. A top spot for sailing. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/z8CMSemcVisitBritain
Heading east on the south coast of Devon to the ‘English Riviera’ where we’re hoping to rejoin our friends on the relay! #followthetorchVisitBritain
Seaside fun & even palm trees in Torquay. Crime fiction fans take note: Agatha Christie was born here. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/LUS6XlOHVisitBritain
See, we said there were palm trees! We’re racing for Exeter now… #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/sEMJK6E5VisitBritain
Phew, made it to Exeter! We’re primed for the flame’s arrival under the sturdy walls of the cathedral. #followthetorchVisitBritain
And here it is! The Olympic flame lighting up the Elizabethan buildings of Exeter’s cathedral close. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/ynkNCqWJVisitBritain
We’re in desperate need of an early night. Join us tomorrow as we go north to #followthetorch. Maybe we’ll even have time for a cream tea…VisitBritain
Hello from Exeter! Today the flame goes north and skirts the Dartmoor National Park. We want to see Dartmoor itself… #followthetorchVisitBritain
Did you know Dartmoor is England’s largest expanse of wilderness? We’re on our way! #followthetorchVisitBritain
A quick stop at Castle Drogo in NE Dartmoor. Great mix of modern and medieval with lush gardens. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/Jd3vqdfRVisitBritain
The torch isn’t going up Haytor Rocks…but we are – with an ice cream! It’s here in spirit! #FollowtheTorch http://pic.twitter.com/6DrnMP3dVisitBritain
The tors seem to erupt randomly from the hills. Hazy today but the view from Haytor is still splendid. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/vWFzr72MVisitBritain
Would have been fun to join these guys but we can’t hang around! North torch-wards. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/tbcnkRGhVisitBritain
Had to leap out at Postbridge to snap the medieval clapper bridge. Lovely spot with great walks. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/voI5YAKRVisitBritain
Waiting for the torch at Dunster Castle. Should be here any min! #followthetorchVisitBritain
And here she is. A smiley torchbearer at Dunster Castle! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/1r2pUyiqVisitBritain
Dunster is a real slice of ye olde England. The locals haven’t changed much since the civil war! #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/xgCJGMcEVisitBritain
We’re racing east through the Exmoor National Park to a whole new county – Somerset. #followthetorchVisitBritain
The torch is off to its last stop for the day in Taunton. We’re going to take advantage of the sun to see some of the coast. #followthetorchVisitBritain
Hello from the West Country! Join us as we follow the flame through Somerset. First stop: mystical mythical Glastonbury. #followthetorchVisitBritain
And we’re off! This is what we’re leaving. The view from our hotel in Lynton. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/uBv05rchVisitBritain
Forgot to mention we managed to fit that cream tea in yesterday. A scone’s eye view of Exmoor. #passthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/dmzAkZSLVisitBritain
Glastonbury has some fine medieval architecture. All in the honey-coloured stone native to these parts. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/GpMv1mAAVisitBritain
Glastonbury Abbey is the oldest Christian foundation in England, dating back to the 7th century. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/whp9b2PQVisitBritain
From medieval monks to modern mysticism… #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/l4CFqyAPVisitBritain
Glastonbury Tor. The view from the bottom… #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/3obchwDhVisitBritain
…and the view from the top. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/WT8EQqyAVisitBritain
Did you know Glastonbury Abbey is reputed to be the burial place of the legendary King Arthur and his queen Guinevere? #followthetorchVisitBritain
And on to Wells, England’s smallest city. #followthetorchVisitBritain
The West Front at Wells Cathedral has one of the longest galleries of medieval sculpture in the world. A must see. #followthetorchVisitBritain
Well we made it to Bath after a flying visit to Cheddar Gorge. It’s looking fabulous in the sunshine. http://pic.twitter.com/srn9b6caVisitBritain
The flame travelling round Bath’s splendid Georgian Royal Crescent. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/OTA87ucfVisitBritain
Don’t miss Bath’s Pulteney Bridge. One of the few shop-lined bridges in the world #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/96FYpbHyVisitBritain
Last stop for today is Bristol. Home to the magnificent Clifton Suspension Bridge, a buzzing waterfront and much more… #followtheflameVisitBritain
The weather in Bristol is scorching! A lovely evening for the last leg of our mini #followthetorch tour.VisitBritain
The flame travels by boat in Bristol. Appropriate for a city with such a rich nautical history. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/6NHylXMuVisitBritain
The flame has arrived safely in Bristol as a flotilla of boats patrol the harbour. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/QyL9aZBEVisitBritain
There’s just one more thing you need to see in Bristol. Magnificent. #followthetorch http://pic.twitter.com/9HJT1PVtVisitBritain

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