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A Dawn of Britain

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No matter where you are in the world the sunrise touches all. The great big ball of fire spreading its light and warmth on all it appears to. In Britain I can stand anywhere and enjoy that moment. Waking on top of a mountain watching it rise in solitary bliss or amid the bustle of a City watching it creep up between the buildings. There is always something around that makes the moment unique.

A dawn over the Lake District

Deepdale Marshes, Norfolk

Donna Nook, Lincolnshire

History lends a hand to this spectacle. Castles, palaces and ancient monuments provide a wonderful backdrop and an appreciation of our forefathers and what they must have thought. The sea on our Eastern coast allows for a perfect visual display be it from a clifftop, a bay or one of the many little fishing villages. To get up early and marvel at the beginning of a new day being born is one of life’s simplest but calming pleasures.

Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland

Llandudno, Wales

The Buacholle Glenn Etive, Scotland

Landscapes change colour through the dawn hours, golds, purples, reds and yellows. Mountains reflected in the lakes and amazing if overlooked by a clear sky on a cold crisp winters morn. Green rolling hills gather mist in their valleys and trees stand in the landscape bringing their silhouettes to the eyes pleasure. When you think you are alone then look around and see the wildlife sharing the view. Life wakes up around you be it birds in the sky or breakfast hunters hopping along the ground.

Coverack, Cornwall

Forth Bridge, Scotland

Whitby, Yorkshire

Wherever I go in every corner of Britain I always try to seek a sunrise view. Not for the camera but for my thoughts. I may be only there once, I may only climb that mountain once, I may be in that town once, but, I find the dawn a wonderful perspective to experience a part of that place.

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