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Rainbow Britain

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The countryside of Britain is a blast of colour and visual delights. Each season bring each area to light in a different way. More than just green rolling hills and dark moorland of many a preconception. Flowers, sea, sky and the natural landscape help to bring the colours to the fore from corner to corner of the Isle.

Just a small visual journey through the rainbow can bring out the vibrancy of this land.


London buses, phone booths, mailboxes and strawberries with cream.  This vibrant colour represents a lot  of iconic pictures of Britain and nature helps to add more.

Dorset – poppy field


Wheat fields, birds, butterflies and many a sky in the evening or morn. Escaping to the British countryside as the Orange sun touches it brings out the appetite for the outdoors.

St Andrews – sunset


The colour of happiness. Daffodils in spring (The National Emblem of wales), Rapeseed fields for miles in summer.  With the sun and the bloom let the energy take you.

Shropshire –  farmland with rapeseed


Hills, fields, meadows, moors, mountains and valleys. All shapes and sizes from north to south. Mountain ranges, dales, valleys and rolling hills. Green a plenty.

Lake District – Crag Fell and Ennerdale


We are lucky to have a coast all around and the variety is astonishing. Resorts, secret coves, cliff tops, sandy beaches, stunning harbours. The list of delights on the shores are endless.

Lulworth – Man o’war bay


Camping in the mountains makes for some impressive purple dawns. Heather in the high lands taking the brown out of moorland. City parks in flower and trees in Autumn.

Lake District – Great Langdale


Naturally associated with the flower, gardens adourned.  Fields of Lavender or darkened skies before a storm.  Whatever end of the spectrum, wherever you turn, take a moment to let nature and the colours in.

Gloucestershire – Lavender fields

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