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3 facts that make London unique

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London is one of those cities a traveler can visit again and again and feel every time surprised. In the recent years, I’ve been mostly wild about adventure travel, nature and wilderness, and only in a few occasions I spent time in a big city. But London has something special, it exercises like a fascination that makes me willing to come back again and again. I’ve been thinking about that and found out the 3 facts that make London unique to me.

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1. The Thames: especially if there is good weather, the river is awesome and enchanting. Taking the boat is a nice alternative to move around and a great way to enjoy amazing views on the major London attractions. A little tip to avoid the crowd is to do the reverse journey: instead of starting in Central London take the tube to the farthest pier you’d like to reach and enjoy the itinerary from there to Westminster, or the Tower Bridge.

The Thames also offers endless possibilities to have lovely walks or a ride by bike and is at its best late in the afternoon, when the sun is lower and the light amazing. I had a wonderful time in around the Kew Gardens, along the riverside path in the woods.


2. The tube: not only is the tube a fantastic way to move around in a relatively quick way, I am wild about London underground because it is an amazing melting pot.

I love to observe people, to me that’s part of a journey and so far London is one of the few cities I know where I feel as if the tube was containing the world.

3. Free Museums: this is something I always admired and I wish it was more common in other cities. Free entrance is in my humble opinion one of the greatest form of cultural democracy. Art belongs to every single people in the world and making it accessible to everyone and especially to those who have limited financial resources, is something which I find remarkable. London has some of the most beautiful Museums in the world, housing amazing works of art and I love the possibility to savor all this beauty slowly,  knowing that I do not need to rush because I can come back again and again.

Which are the facts that make London unique to you? I’d love to read your comments and to discover something new!

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